Razer Naga MMOG Mouse

Manufacter: Razer

Release Date: 9/3/2009

Colors: Black

MSRP: $79.99




The Good: Excellent ergonomics, tons of customization, it works well, awesome LED display

The Bad: Not wireless, there are a lot of features most people won’t use

I love mice and I love ones that are responsive and have a lot of useful features without getting in the way and the Naga by Razer does it. The mouse is designed for MMOs, but can be used in other games as well for people who don’t play MMOs. There are 12 buttons on the left side that represent a keyboard layout, and there’s a switch on the button to switch the emulation for the numpad to the top number keys. You’d think you’d hit these buttons constantly while resting your thumb on them, but surprisingly you don’t. The buttons are just solid enough that light or moderate pressing won’t press them down. This was probably very tricky and Razer got it down. There are two button next to the left button that can be used for anything you want say reloading in a shooting game and ducking. The software allows you to assign whatever to whatever which allows of total freedom.

The mouse can track up to 5600 dpi for acute precision and even detects acceleration, and has adjustable polling rates. All this can be customized in the software and even allows for macro recordings. This mouse does so much that there is a use for it by anyone.

Ergonomically the mouse is fantastic. It’s shaped just right and fits in your hand perfectly. A nice touch is that there are LED lights lighting up the scroll wheel, the numbers, and the logo fades on and off so it’s something to gawk at. Unfortunately the mouse is not wireless but does have a nice long 7′ cord and it’s made of a fabric material instead of rubber or plastic.

Not to mention that it comes in a nice box with some nice papers that describe the mouse in detail and you even get some stickers! I highly recommend this mouse for any gamer or even just someone who wants a cool looking mouse.

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