Rage of Bahamut

Publisher: Mobage

Developer: Cygames

Release Date: 5/15/2012

Rating: Everyone

MSRP: Free

For Fans Of: Card Collecting, Art, Online Battles

Also Available On


The Good: Beautiful card art, simple and addictive

The Bad: No special attacks, boring quest design, no sound?, poorly designed menus

Card collecting games only cater to a niche group of people and Rage of Bahamut is no exception. Starting a new card universe outside of Yu-Gi-Oh, Magic: The Gathering, Pokemon, and other popular ones is very difficult, and you will most likely get swept under the rug. Rage of Bahamut is very addictive and extremely simple, but card collecting fans will have fun for a while.

The menu seems fine here, but try going into sub-menus

You can pick between three classes: Man, God, and Demon. This will determine your leader. As you progress through quests you can acquire attribute points to raise stamina, attack, and defense. On your quests you will acquire coin which is applied toward enhancing cards. Think of this as your strongest ones eating smaller ones to level up. Every so often you will be able to evolve you card once it gets to a high enough level. Quests are pretty boring and straight forward because you just press enter through all the screens. There’s no map, no deciding, no thinking at all. Each card just shows defense and attack power so there are no special moves that make the cards unique. The only thing unique about them is the beautiful art.

The card art is stunning

That is pretty much all there is too it. The menus are confusing and very bland, and there isn’t even any sound. This may have been an issue with my device, but as far as I could tell there just wasn’t any. Acquiring rare cards is a real pain because you have to beat bosses which means trudging through stupid quests, but don’t forget you can use Mobage coins to buy starter packs. Of course you can use real world money, but why would you waste it on this flash in the pan card collecting game? I can’t even figure out how to build decks because of the confusing menu that doesn’t explain much. It took me ten minutes to figure out how to change my leader which isn’t a good sign.

Make an awesome deck of five cards, 
if you can figure out how

The game is addictive because of how simple it is and is a good time waster. It’s fun to get the cool looking cards and battle people online, but really it’s all rock-paper-scissors. I really wanted to see each card with unique attacks, and some sort of back story to the whole universe which there is none. Bland menus, no sound, and just an overall tap-fest is not what I call a great card collecting game. Download this for free and enjoy, but I wouldn’t spend a single penny out of my pocket on this.

2 responses to “Rage of Bahamut

  1. It’s free , dude . If you expect it that much , you will have to spend some pennies out of your pocket .

    • I understand that, but I’m telling readers that it’s not really worth dumping those pennies into unless you are a hardcore card battling fan. I typically disapprove of the freemium game model.

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