3 comments on “Hitman: Absolution

  1. I agree, this game looked stunning (and just plain awesome) and I played it on an Xbox 360. However it was way more linear than advertised and this lead to a disappointing game in my opinion.

    • The game doesn’t look too hot on consoles, but the game is linear, however you do have multiple approaches to killing targets which was fun to figure out.

      • The game doesn’t look too good yet it still feels awesome. I don’t know what to say, something about the graphics just makes you feel so cool. By linear I meant that while there may have been three ways to kill someone, I really hoped there would be way more ways like in Dishonored (which I’ve never played but have watched a lot) and usually one way to kill someone is rewarded the most. Speaking of rewards, the point-system in the game was distracting and annoying.

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