The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – Mods: The Very Best – Part 9: Followers — Part 2


The final part of followers adds some interesting characters. Angelina Jolie and Lara Craft make an appearance while Tauriel from The Hobbit shows her beautiful face as well. This is another showcase of talented modders and passion for a game that is no different than what the developer had.


Modder: m0ckin9bird

Another great follower from m0ckin9bird! Tauriel is beautiful and the inspiration from The Hobbit really shows. She may not have a bunch of quests for her, but that doesn’t matter. She feels authentic and a lot of time was put into making her feel real in Skyrim. Great job!





Modder: Berseneva

Another simple follower, but she’s beautiful and useful for people who need a heavy hitter. She has personality to her looks and really fits the Nord bill. She reminds of something out of a Conan comic. Wonderful work.





Modder: gilgoon

Are you a close-up fighter who needs a ranged companion? Take Sooji with you. She’s a more petite character and is very cute! No quests or voice work here, just good ol’ beautiful companionship waiting for you at the Bannered Mare!





Modder: Foaman

Any Angelina Jolie fans out there? I know I’m one! She’s beautiful and seems to fit well within Skyrim. This is one of many celebrity followers. It’s not lore friendly, but if you don’t like it move on. Please don’t go harassing the modder about it.





Modder: Sultericdrums

Fans of Baldur Gate II will recognize Viconia. This is a fully voiced romantic follower, a lot of time was put into this. Originally ported from Oblivion and redone voice work. A lot of time was put into this mode, it’s not entirely lore friendly, but who cares! Enjoy what’s good right?





Modder: CoffeeMandibles

This is one of the most original followers out there. Odvar is fully voiced companion that has his own abilities. Here’s a run down of what he can do:

Vile Vomit One of the few perks of his affliction is that Odvar can spew acidic vomit on your enemies.

Poisonous Strikes Odvar’s melee attacks deal scaling poison damage in a small area. This does not affect/anger allies.

Odvar’s Armor He is a capable alteration mage, and can boost your armor rating for short periods of time. This ability grows as he levels.

Shared XP Don’t worry about him killing things before you get the chance. He’ll share the XP from his favored skills with you!

Summonable You also don’t have to worry about him getting lost. Odvar carries a tome that will teach you to summon him to your side at almost any time.

Main Skills – One Handed, Alteration, Marksman
Secondary Skills – Light Armor, Sneak, Block

Perks – Armsman(2), Agile Defender(2), Light Footed, Dual Flurry





Modder: m0ckin9bird

One of my favorite follower modders is at it again! The beautiful Lara Croft (one of my personal favorite video game characters) has been put into Skyrim and she looks great. She looks surprisingly lore friendly and she is just like in the new game. She’s meant to survive, she can sneak, and she’s great at archery.





Modder: SydneyB

This mod actually adds four followers, the two unnamed are Rowan and Anja. These followers are gorgeous and each have their won unique abilities and traits.


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