Mortal Kombat Evaluation: The New Kharacters — Part 7

Cutout_(11)Kira — Mkd_logo



I was the first of Kabal’s recruits. I had stolen away to the mountains of Afghanistan, selling weapons to terrorists — disguised as a man. When they discovered my gender, I had to fight my way out of the cave. I suppose Kabal assumed that any woman who could do business with cutthroat extremist organizations and live to talk about it must be worthy of the new Black Dragon clan. When I alone emerged from the cave, Kabal stood before me with an offer to join him.

The complacency of the original Black Dragon allowed for their destruction. Kabal claims that a new Black Dragon will rise from the ashes — more ruthless, more calculating than before. We will not exist as a mere band of pirates. We will cause the downfall of civilization itself and live in a world of blessed anarchy.

Kira is probably my favorite out of the entire new cast of Deception. Not only was she sexy, but she was a complete bad ass Black Dragon member that wasn’t a copy cat of Kano. She was a fast close range character with her daggers and her special moves could be combo-ed like crazy. I used her quite a bit in Deception, however her fatalities weren’t that great.

downloadKira — Mkd_logo


Back in Armageddon with no upgrades. With one less fighting style her long combos were gone so new strategies had to be made. It’s just a shame she was never seen again.

KobraKobra — Mkd_logo



I had always wondered if my martial arts training would work in an actual fight. I trained in school for years. I was the best in my class. But we were never allowed to hurt each other — REALLY hurt each other. How did I know this attack would break an arm? That this one would rupture an organ? I prowled the back alleys of New York in search of an opportunity to put my skills to the test. I needed to know what kombat really was.

I couldn’t stop. The thrill of kombat consumed me. I had killed! First it was drug dealers and gangbanger — it allowed me to justify the violence. I killed for money, looking convenience stores and gas stations. When the law finally caught up with me, I couldn’t remember how many had died. Sitting cuffed in the police car, I heard some of the officers shouting and firing their guns. When some chick and a masked guy with bloody hookswords stepped into the light, I knew I was in the company of friends.

Kobra was okay-ish. He was another Black Dragon member who was a master at martial arts and was super fast. Probably the second fastest character next to Liu Kang. His kali sticks could throw out mean combos and he was ruthless at close range. He was also an advanced character, so unless you practiced with him he would be useless to you. As a character he was boring and didn’t hit home with me at all in the game.

PLAYER_KOBRAKobra — Mka_logo


Same as Deception with one less fighting style meaning those bad ass combos were now shorter. He also had a sword rather than kali sticks so he was also slower.

PLAYER_ONAGAOnaga — Mka_logo


He was the main boss in Deception and was a bastard to defeat. In Armageddon he was toned down a bit for balancing reasons and was a big brute that was hard to control and very slow. He also lost his flying move which kept him on the ground and easier to beat.

Shujinko8pcShujinko — Mkd_logo



I was a fool, I had allowed myself to be deceived into believing that I worked for a greater good. I was in fact an unknowing tool of greater evil. My ego allowed Onaga, the Dragon King, to manipulate me into bringing together the lost Kamidogu. They are the very weapons by which the Elder Gods smashed the One Being, forming the many realms we call existence. But their misuse can also bring the realms crashing together again… reawakening the One Being… unmaking all reality.

The realms are the shattered consciousness of the One Being, who has been working subconsciously through the Dragon King. Should Onaga succeed in conquering reality by fusing the Kamidogu, he will unwittingly begin a cascade of events that will merge all the realms together. The One will become whole once more, and all other beings will cease to exist. I must find and unite the warriors of all the realms if I am to save us. I will use the Dragon King’s gift against him.

Okay, I understand Midway needing to find another main protaganist outside of Liu Kang, but what the hell is this? I hated Shujinko in every way. He was a stereotypical Japanese old dude and was just dull and dry. His fighting style was average at best despite being the main story character in the game. He also had borrowed moves from other characters and I felt this was just so stupid. I’m glad we never saw him again and hope he never returns.

ShujinkoShujinko — Mka_logo


Finally taking a back seat in Armageddon. Shujinko was my third least liked character in Deception.

Mortal Kombat X

81OjRGvob9L._SL1500_1-720x927Publisher: Warner Bros.9.5

Developer: Netherrealm Studios

Release Date: 4/14/2015

Rating: Mature

MSRP: $59.99

Also Available On






The Good: Fantastic visuals, superb production values, gruesome fatalities, Krypt mode is fun and stands on its own, Faction Wars is entertaining, new characters are fantastic

The Bad: Could use a little more content, not enough classic fighters

MOOORRTTAALLL KOOOMMBBAATTT!!! Mortal Monday made gaming history when the original arcade game hit the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive and Super Nintendo in 1992. Fast forward 23 years later and people still get just as excited for every new Mortal Kombat game. MKX is a near reboot of the reboot from 2011 by improving nearly every aspect of the game including online. This is the first Mortal Kombat game for next-generation consoles and has set the bar for fighting games in terms of production values.

The first thing you will probably play is the story, it’s needed to unlock Shinnok as well as earn a slew of koins for the Krypt. The story is fantastic and the best one in any fighting game to date. The story has finally evolved past MK3 and takes place 25 years after the last game. Naturally the original fighters have aged and are older (but still kick ass), and new generations/kids of these fighters are introduced. The story is actually shorter and more streamlined than MK9. Instead of every character being shoehorned into the story you only play as the good guys and select characters. There are about 5 matches for each characters and the entire story just evolves naturally. Earthrealm is past Shao Kahn and his BS (as the players are), but Shinnok returns to claim the Komidogu amulet and take over Earthrealm. After about 4 hours or so you will get the hang of the entire fighting system and start kicking ass.


Once you finish the story you will most likely go into the Krypt to spend your koins. Introduced in Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance, the Krypt is a fan service full of goodies and unlocks to prolong the game and make you earn everything. Character art, Fatalities, costumes, and fan art are many among the Krypt, but it has evolved. Instead of just a large room you unlock coffins in it’s a first person adventure that’s its own mini-game. Players can walk around an entire set of levels finding hidden objects to unlock new parts of the mini-game to find more koffins. At certain times koffins will appear (think of the concept from Deception in the Konquest mode) and random enemies will attack when a quick time event will pop up. Succeed and you are awarded a few hundreds koins. This new Krypt idea could stand on its own if it were fleshed out more and is actually quite atmospheric and can be tense.


After the Krypt you will most likely check out the Faction Wars. This is a whole new online concept by Netherrealm that extends the Tower concept that was enacted in the first game. There are many different Tower modes with the first being Living Towers. Using the match modifiers that were introduced in MK3 and reimagined in MK9, Living Towers will mix up a random modifier as well as Tower goals. Certain matches will award koins for accomplishing certain things during a match like Jump 25 times, or finish a match with more than 50% health. There are three types of Living Towers. Daily, Hourly, and Premier which are every 5 days. This adds to your Faction War points which will help you when an Invasion starts. At the beginning of the game you get to choose from five factions. Lin Kuei, Brotherhood of Shadows, White Lotus, Special Forces, and Black Dragon. Faction XP can be awarded during an Invasion as well by fighting an immortal boss. Players have 30 seconds to do as much damage as they can but the difficulty of the boss is set to Very Hard. Invasion Towers are another way as well.

These Towers also carry over into single player as Tower Challenges which is a randomized Tower with modifiers and Test Your Might matches. Your final score is set and you can send that Tower to a friend to have them beat your score. It’s a lot of fun and extends the longevity outside of online play.


With the modes out of the way, lets talk about the actual game. The control and responsive are so much better than any other MK game. MK9 tried to recreate the feeling of the first three MK games, and it got stale after a while. MKX is a whole new beast with the core familiar mechanics at play. Balancing is also nearly perfected in MKX thanks to combat variants. Each fighter has three different variants they can play as and this sets their special moves. Instead of some characters having a long list of special moves to spam you with, they are limited this time around and cut down. Every player will have their favorite variant after playing for so long.

Outside of variants the fighting is a little more cinematic. The camera zooms in on throws and the new X-Ray moves. X-Rays are now three hits instead of two and the models are much more detailed. More bones break, individual organs are modeled, and fibers on the muscles have depth. It looks fantastic and this is by far the most brutal MK game to date. The Fatalities are the best in any game and are just awesome. New tech allows for facial animations with twitching eyes, lips and overall detailed gore. Organs are split in half and they actually look like their organs unlike previous games with generic gibs. Brutalities made a return, but they are no longer the complicated button press like MK3. Certain requirements must be met in a match such as having 50% health remaining, connecting a number of certain moves in a match, and hitting the right button combo during the final hit of the last round. Brutalities are now variations of special moves but have a twisted deadly ending that throws opponents off guard and are extremely satisfying to pull off and a watch.


The new characters are actually the best new fighters in the series. All are fun to play and all are distinctive unlike previous entries where new characters felt like cheap rip-offs. Among them Cassie Cage, Jacqui Briggs, Ferra/Tor, D’Vorah, and Erron Black are my favorite. Kung Jin and Takeda aren’t exactly the unique characters they succeed which are Kenshi and Kung Lao. They both look and feel nearly identical despite having different weapons. Takeda is actually similar to Scorpion more than Kenshi as he uses dual whips and Kung Jin has a bow and staff. Unique weapons, but their characters aren’t fleshed out much in the story mode.

With that said, MKX is an evolution of the series that it so desperately needs. Longevity that’s smart and isn’t bloated content, more online features, and the variants are hopefully here to stay. This is one of the best fighting games of the decade.

Kollector’s Edition: For $90 more you can receive a special box, Scorpion statue, the Kombat Pass, and a Scorpion skin. The statue is made by a sculptor Coarse and the skin is of the statue. It’s beautifully made and well worth it for collector’s. It also comes with a certificate of authenticity.

Mortal Kombat Evaluation: The New Kharacters — Part 6

Mkddairou6htDairou — Mkd_logo



I was once a member of the Seidan Guard, I believed in the power of Order and lived by the strict codes of my superiors. I had saved many lives during my years of service. But when I killed an assailant in a fit of rage, I was arrested and sentenced to a life of incarceration. For all the good I had done, the event that had come to define me was that one moment of Chaos. I eventually escaped during a riot incited by the Resistance.

I emerged from prison a changed man. No longer would I follow orders of the Seidan. Neither could I bring myself to give in to Chaos. Instead, I opted to serve myself. I become a mercenary, a warrior for hire, and have become revered in Orderealm’s secret underground. My neutrality has been put to the test, however, as my current contract is to find and kill my former guardsman, Hotaru.

Man oh man where do I begin? Dairou…probably my least favorite character next to Jarek. He’s just unappealing right from the start. His stupid forehead, the clothes look completely generic, and his move set is just ridiculous and makes no sense. I understand Midway needed characters for their new Chaos and Order realm in the Konquest mode, but Dairou was just an awful character.

*All Fatality videos are set to the specific characters’ section. Just press play!

PLAYER_DAIROUDairou — Mka_logo


Same as Deception with literally no changes except one less fighting style. Thankfully he disappeared into the abyss and will never come back.

Darrius223iyDarrius — Mkd_logo



I am Darrius. There are many in the Realm of Order who would call me a terrorist. But to the true patriots of Seidan, I am a hero. I fight against the rule of an oppressive regime. I am the leader of the resistance movement. Our numbers are ever-growing. One day I will lead the charge against the establishment. Until then, I wait… and plan… and scheme.

One of the best recruitment tools I have discovered is the law itself. If my ranks are in need of powerful warrior like Seidan Guardsman, for instance, I will hire an outsider to kill the man’s family in the hope that his rage will lead to a violent altercation with the assassin. Once he is imprisoned for the attack, I free the Seidan Guardsman and easily recruit him to our cause.

Yet another character that was so-so. Darrius was actually one of my favorite fighters in MK:D and I used him a lot online. His hooks could pull off deadly combos and he had good reach to keep characters at a distance. Despite being another character for the Order and Chaos Realm he was pretty uninteresting. He also had some pretty hilarious fatalities.

PLAYER_DARRIUSDarrius — Mka_logo


Nothing changed from Deception. However, having one less fighting style ruined him for me since I couldn’t pull off his big combos that let me win many matches online in Deception.

3375692-msel_portrait_havikHavik — Mkd_logo



Chaos. The universe thrives on it. Forces pitted against each other in never-ending turmoil. My kind worship entropy. We wander the realms sowing disorder. My latest sojourn had brought me to Lei Chen, an Outworld city imprisoned by the one known as Horatu. For many years he had kept Chaos at bay beyond the outer walls. I would undo the Order he had fought so hard to maintain.

It was I who led the “heroes” to the location of the Dragon King. The Chaos that would ensue from their attack would be blessing to this realm. Onaga must never gain the upper hand in this struggle. The realms shall never cease their struggle! Chaos will reign forever!

Okay, I guess there’s a pattern here. All the new Chaos and Order realm characters suck. Havik was my second least favorite character next to Dairou. I mean he was a mummy type character that fit the universe, but his background was on the back burner and nothing was really done with him. His fighting styles were generic at best and he just didn’t really stand out.

havik-armHavik — Mka_logo



If you haven’t gotten the pattern by now you should, Havik is untouched in Armageddon minus one fighting style. I hated him before and still hate him here.





There is an order to the universe — laws that all of nature must obey. For centuries I have imposed order on those who would wreak havoc. Outworld has long been a source of disruption, but an old ruler has made a triumphant return. During Onaga’s rule, his military forced peace throughout his domain. I will see that his return brings order to this war-torn realm once more. I will fight against the insurgents to clear a path for the Dragon King’s coming.

Years ago, I fought against the vile Tarkatan warriors. I vowed to protect the Outworld city of Lei Chen from the attacks of Shao Kahn. Times have changed. Now I find myself aiding Baraka and his troops. I pledged the loyalty of the city to Onaga and began my mission to stop the uprising against him. Baraka’s militia have brought word of an Earthrealm warrior named Sub-Zero who has slain many Tarkata. I will bring him before the justice of the Dragon King.

All right, this is better. Hotaru was yet another Order and Chaos Realm character but he was actually good. Being a Seidan Guard gave him the staff weapon and he had crazy reach to keep characters at a distance. His visual appeal was great as his guard uniform made him stand out over the rest of the new characters and his “wings”, as I like to call them, made him more menacing. He was actually an interesting character to follow in Deception as he was just as ruthless as the evil aligned characters by hiding behind justice.

hotaru-armHotaru — Mka_logo



Yep, you guessed it. No changes here outside of one less fighting style. This caused him to have smaller combos, so players who used him a lot in Deception would be disappointed here.


New Nintendo 3DS XL

3ds-new-red-frontManufacturer: Nintendo, Foxconn9.0

Release Date: 2/13/15

Colors: Black, Red, Silver (Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate), Gold (The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D)

MSRP: $199.99, $229.99 (bundles)


Nintendo is one for constant hardware iterations, and they finally got the 3DS right with the New XL. Despite the confusing name, it actually does feel all new. The entire system is streamlined and it feels like Nintendo finally wrapped their minds around how they want the 3DS to be, and this is the final (hopefully) result. All of the features implemented into the 3DS up until now are present on the 3DS from hardware changes to software.


The first thing you will notice, obviously, is how big the unit is. I had a DSi XL and while it as bigger the larger screen made games look pixelated. The New 3DS XL isn’t just a 3DS on steroids like the 3DS XL, it has all new features. Secondly, is just how sleek it looks. This is probably Nintendo’s sexiest handheld since the GBA SP. The rounds edges accompanied by the slim form factor just made it look sleek and impressive. Once you flip it open you will notice something…what the hell is that rubber nubby thing on the top right corner? It’s the “C-Stick” and I put quotes there because it’s not a stick but a nub, hell not even that. It’s like a rubber nipple. The addition of a second stick is an absolute #1 must have on the 3DS…I can’t make this point any more clearer. Nintendo pretty much took the Circle Pad Pro and melted it onto the New 3DS XL as it includes the ZR and ZL buttons as well. The first handheld with two shoulder buttons built in…now we just need more games that support them! More on that later.


Everything else is pretty much in it’s proper place button wise except there is not longer a WiFi switch on the side. WiFi is a software toggle now and the power, wifi, and charging lights are all grouped up in a row on the bottom right corner. You can see them easily with the lid flipped down. One of my favorite features is the SpotPass LED located on top of the right hinge. It lights up green when a SpotPass notification is available and is also your low battery light. The Game Card slot is tucked away on the bottom of the device along with the stylus and power button. The power button is a small button under the LED lights so you don’t accidentally hit it.

I actually like the new 3D slider on the righ of the screen. It’s symmetrical to the volume slider, like older models, but is more flush with the system and doesn’t feel so cheap. One minor gripe is that the New 3DS XL does not use a standard SD card so the one in your older system is useless here, instead it comes with a 4GB microSD card and it is not accessible from the outside. You must unscrew the bottom plate to get to it near the battery. That part I don’t really care about as most people will either never need to upgrade because they buy physical games, or you will upgrade once with a 32 or 64GB card if you are a digital person. There is also an NFC battery in this thing for the amiibos, but everyone will use that feature. That’s pretty much all there is to the new hardware…well it’s actually a complete 90% overhaul but for the better.


Let’s talk about the screens. They look great, while not as high resolution as you think, they work fine for 3DS games. For people with bigger hands the XL size is perfect and honestly the 3D is much easier on your eyes as it’s a bigger target. The 3D effect is much improved thanks to the head tracking built into the system via IR sensor. Now it’s not flawless, it doesn’t work well when you are laying down and gets finicky in the dark if you move around too much. The hardware has a faster CPU, mainly doubled that of the original model, as well as double the RAM and 1GB internal memory. The CPU is clocked at 268Mhz and is dual-core with one core reserved for OS operation. It also has 256MB of RAM and 10MB VRAM. You may laugh at this compared to say the Vita, but Nintendo is known to keep older hardware for cheaper prices. That’s not to say the New 3DS could have benefited from an entire new chipset as seen in newer phones, which makes this the biggest downfall of the New 3DS.


Playing games on the system using the C-Stick is weird at first. It doesn’t move around as it reacts to pressure. You just push it…mush it? You move your thumb around on it and the camera turns, it’s hard to explain but it works well and after an hour you forget it’s not a moveable stick. Playing games like Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate and Resident Evil Revelations with it makes the games that much more enjoyable. The extra shoulder buttons are a little hard to get to as they aren’t contoured into the system, but rather just sit on top and are rather small. The other complaint is that this system does not come with a charger. Yeah, you heard me. Nintendo banked on previous 3DS owners buying this system, so you’re going to have to thrown down $10 or so for a generic charger if you have never owned a 3DS before. Stupid move on Nintendo’s part, but there’s nothing we can do.

With all that said the New 3DS XL is what the 3DS should have been in the beginning. The larger screens look crisp and bright, the battery last a whopping 7.5 hours (with WiFi off and power save mode on) during most games, the faster CPU will bring in better looking games, and the entire form factor is sleek and gorgeous.

Batman: Arkham Unhinged

2289076-__kgrhqrhjbwe9r5n3f00bphjibjet___60_57Publisher: DC

Writer: Brian Fridolfs

Artist: John Livesay, Brian Ching

Issues: 58

Release Date: 8/2011-1/2013

The Batman Arkham storyline is probably one of the most successful for the super hero in decades. Following the style, story, and drama from the hit video game series, Arkham Unhinged takes the reigns in becoming one of my favorite Batman story archs of all time. However, it’s not Batman himself that is the main character but Gotham. Throughout the 46 issues you slowly watch the entire city crumble into chaos and almost become apocalyptic. Batman has more on his shoulders than he can juggle, and everyone power in Gotham that can stop this madness is also falling under the hypnotic trance that is Arkham City. Batman actually feels powerless in this series which is a nice mix up compared to most super hero comics.

There’s actually not as much action as you would like in a Batman comic here, but fans of the game series will love the constant back and forths between Arkham City, Gotham, and all the characters within. Honestly, this is one of my favorite comic series and Batman and game fans alike will dig this.


Mortal Kombat Evaluation: The New Kharacters — Part 5

downloadMokap — Mkda_logo



A former martial arts teacher on the North side of Chicago, the man commonly referred to as Mokap was called upon by Johnny Cage to do some motion capture work for his new movie “Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance”. Mokap was flown to Hollywood to begin his first session, which consisted mainly of the Crane and Snake styles. Although many other martial artists were used, Mokap was brought in repeatedly for his vast knowledge of fighting techniques.

Probably the oddest character in the history of Mortal Kombat right next to Meat, Mokap is a martial arts teacher who is doing stunt work for Johnny Cage’s movies. His bio goes off into an absurd background and gets even more ridiculous in Armageddon in which he defeats Blaze, explodes, and becomes a constellation that Edenians teach children in school. What the fuck indeed. At least he had a unique set of special moves and was quite enjoyable to play as despite not having a fatality.

197957-mokap_versusMokap — Mka_logo



Not really changing in Armageddon besides his face, Mokap was a back burner character that kept his same move set with slight visual upgrades.

mortal kombat molochMoloch — Mka_logo


Another DA copy cat in Armageddon. Despite being a sub boss in DA, he was overlooked by the development team and it clearly showed. He was barely touched minus a slight visual upgrade. It was nice to actually play as Moloch which was the only bonus he had in Armageddon. It gave players one new boss to play as.

bio_nitaraNitara — Mkda_logo



The vampire Nitara had at long last discovered the location of the Orb that bound her realm to Outworld. Unfortunately, it rested in a location she could never access. However, the ninja cyborg Cyrax of Earthrealm had the ability to retrieve it for her. Through careful manipulation, she convinced Reptile to engage Cyrax in combat and destroy his arm panel in the process. The damage to his transporter left him stranded in Outworld. Her plan was coming together beautifully.

Nitara offered to send Cyrax back to Earthrealm if he could retrieve the Orb from its hiding place. Nitara carried a gemstone around her neck. These gemstones made it possible for her people to traverse the realms. They had done so for ages and had even visited Earthrealm regularly in search of blood. Cyrax had no choice but to accept the offer and journeyed with her to the presumed location of the Orb. As they traveled across Outworld, however, they had the strange feeling that they were being followed.

Probably my favorite new character in DA, Nitara was a brand new type of character as she was a vampire; a race never seen in MK before. He was quick and fast and used her wings to jut around the arena and was a great defensive character. Her visuals were fantastic as she was a vampire pirate hybrid. It’s a crying shame that she hasn’t been seen since DA.

*All Fatality videos are set to the specific characters’ section. Just press play!

nitara-armNitara — Mka_logo



Alas, nearly every DA character received little to know treatment in Armageddon and Nitara was one. After seeing her I was really let down by her not having anything done to be improved upon.

BODY_ASHRAHAshrah — Mkd_logo



I am a demon, a denizen of the Netherrealm. For ages, my sisters and I have blindly served Quan Chi as members of the Brotherhood of Shadows. But I questioned a command given by the sorcerer. To set an example, he sent my own sisters to slay me. During my escape. I discovered a weapon — a sword — that seemed to be of heavenly origin. With each demonic assassin that has fallen to this blade, I have felt a strange exhilaration. It is as if the taint of evil is leaving me.

Now I understand the strange sensation I feel when I exterminate a demon of the Netherrealm with this sword. The sword is purifying me as I cleanse the world of evil. With each fiend I eradicate, my presence here becomes more unstable… soon I will be expelled from this realm. If I were to slay a powerful demon such as Noob Saibot, I would finally become an ascending demon, free from the Netherrealm forever.

One of the only few good new characters in Deception. Ashrah was a fantastic close range character and her back story was very interesting. She is a good demon stuck in the Neatherrealm which is kind of unheard of in MK. Her sorceress based attacks and quick combat style was well liked by fans plus her visual contrast to other characters by being pure white.

Render_ashrahAshrah — Mka_logo


She didn’t receive any special treatment in Armageddon (most characters didn’t), but it was nice to play as her one more time before she disappeared into the forgotten spaces of Mortal Kombat.

Mortal Kombat Evaluation: The New Kharacters — Part 4

453223-hsuhaocutoutHsu Hao — Mkda_logo



A member of the Red Dragon, Hsu Hao’s duty was to infiltrate the Special Forces and covertly guide them to the members of the Black Dragon. Once the Black Dragon was seemingly destroyed, Hsu Hao was ordered to remain among the Special Forces ranks as an informant until further notice. That notice came when his superior, Mavado, ordered him to destroy the Outerworld Investigation Agency’s ability to travel to the Outworld. Hsu Hao would not dishonor his Red Dragon clan; he would complete his task at any cost.

Hsu Hao gained access to an Ion Pulse bomb and infiltrated the heavily reinforced underground bunker that housed the techno-portals designed by the Agency. Barely evading Jax, Hsu Hao activated the portal to Outworld, switched on the bomb, and escaped into the portal before the Ion Pulse went off. The Agency was destroyed and with it any means for inter-realm travel from Earthrealm. Hsu Hao must now make contact with Mavado in Outworld to receive his next objective.

Once again, another copy cat character of Kano. While Jarek seemed rediculous at least Hsu Hao made sense because of his cybernetic implants. He was a grappling type character similar to Jax and was a close range fighter. He was a decent fighter but not so much as a character. He wasn’t fleshed out enough and wasn’t really well liked.

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hsuhao-armHsu Hao — Mka_logo



Nearly nothing changed in Armageddon from DA. He had one less fighting style and that was about it. If you liked him in DA you probably would in Armageddon as well.

download (5)Kenshi — Mkda_logo



Years ago, the rogue swordsman Kenshi wandered Japan to challenge the greatest warriors. His purpose in life was simply to be the best. Shang Tsung, however, had discovered Kenshi’s true heritage as a descendant of a long-forgotten line of warrior kings. The sorcerer desired to consume the souls of those warrior kings and tricked the unknowing Kenshi into releasing them from their tomb, an act which left him blinded. Shang Tsung consumed the souls and left Kenshi to die in the tomb.

Sensing the cries of his captured ancestors, Kenshi made a vow to slay Shang Tsung in order to free them from his grasp. When he learned of Shang Tsung’s escape to Outworld, Kenshi agreed to help the Special Forces search for the missing agent Cyrax as a means of gaining access to that realm, which allowed him to act as both rescue party and spy. Shortly after discovering the sorcerer’s whereabouts, the Agency was destroyed and with it his only means for return to Earth. Kenshi now finds himself facing the Deadly Alliance on his own.

Little did we know that Kenshi would become a mainstream MK character. He was loved by fans due to him being blind and using his telkenetic powers. Something about his costume just struck a right chord with fans as well. In Deadly Alliance he was fast as a mid/long range character and he was deadly with his katana. His fatality was a little weak in DA (most were anyway), but it showed off just how powerful his powers are.

BODY_KENSHI_ALTKenshi — Mkd_logo



One of the few characters to make it past Deadly Alliance, Kenshi was improved even further in Deception. He was quicker and more powerful while keeping the mid/long range attacks. He was great for keeping your opponent at a distance and off their feet. His fatalities were pretty cool in Deception and he felt like one of the most balanced characters in the game.

MK_Kenshi_8996Kenshi — Mka_logo



Kenshi hadn’t evolved much in Armageddon and was nearly an exact copy from Deception which isn’t a bad thing, but he had one less fighting style. This was probably Kenshi’s weakest appearance.

KenshiMK9VSKenshi — Mortal_kombat_original_text_by_sidneymadmax-d3kohts



The only DA character besides Quan Chi to make it past DA, Kenshi was a beast in the MK reboot. He was quicker than ever and had more telekenetic attacks this time around. His background was more fleshed out and he felt like a staple character at this point. He was an awesome character to play as and was one of my personal favorites. He also had some of the best fatalities in the entire game.

Kenshi_FullbodyKenshi — MortalKombatX-ps4-logo_vf1



Kenshi’s return to MKX just proved that he was a regular and would probably stick around for a while longer. With him aging in the game; it doesn’t stop him at being fast and powerful. His age just shows his experience due to his acquired powers through all three fighting variants. His fatalities are the best out of the whole series here and are just brutal and gruesome. Kenshi has evolved and is at his finest here.

Mkda_BODY_LIMEILi Mei — Mkda_logo



The Deadly Alliance commanded Kano and his troops to force a small population of people to construct a palace fortress. One of those enslaved was Li Mei, who rebelled against the invaders and attacked Kano himself. Recognizing the warrior spirit she possessed, the sorcerer Quan Chi offered to free her people if she could win the Deadly Alliance tournament. If she did not win, however, she would be forced to serve the Alliance and her people would remain slaves forever. Li Mei had no choice but to accept the offer.

During the construction of Shang Tsung’s palace, Li Mei discovered that it would be constructed around the ancient stone structure located on a nearby plateau. Her people have regarded the relic as sacred for as long as anyone could remember. Legends told that it was a portal to the heavens left behind by the gods themselves. When Quan Chi activated the portal with his mysterious amulet and countless souls spewed forth, trapped between the realms, it was clear that the legends had been true.

Li Mei was a personal favorite in Deadly Alliance. He was a mid range character that used a lot of pop up attacks and kicks. She was nimble and just really quick. She used a lot flips as well so she was great for keeping your opponent on the defense. I just wish her back story was more evolved.

1539893-limei_bioLi Mei — Mkd_logo



In Deception she received a nice upgrade in her fighting style. She was much quicker and could be used a low hitting character with flips and projectile attacks. She was great for people who wanted fast characters and was a personal favorite.

Li_MeiLi Mei — Mka_logo



Like most characters from Deadly Alliance and Deception, Li Mei didn’t receive an overhaul in Armageddon. She was nearly cut and paste from Deception with one less fighting style. She was still fast and a great character to use.

Mkda_BODY_MAVADOMovado — Mkda_logo



The Red Dragon had existed for centuries as a secretive criminal organization. Members such as Mavado were highly skilled and disciplined warriors. But in the last century, many of the more reckless members became dissatisfied with the restraints the code of the Red Dragon placed on them and broke away to form their own gang. Since then, it has been the Red Dragon’s number one priority to completely eradicate the infidels known collectively as the Black Dragon.
It was thought that the Black Dragon had been completely destroyed until Mavado was approached by the two sorcerers Shang Tsung and Quan Chi. The sorcerers offered to hand over the last member of the Black Dragon, Kano, in return for Mavado’s assistance in eliminating a spy in Outworld. Mavado accepted the offer and traveled to Outworld with Quan Chi and Shang Tsung by way of a secret inter-realm portal located in the Lost Sea. The swordsman who had been spying on Shang Tsung for the past few months would soon be eliminated.

Movado was a well liked character as he was another Black Dragon member that felt similar to Kabal with his hook swords. He fought as an average character, but his swords are what defined him as well as his long black trench coat. I didn’t personally use him all that often, but he had a cool fatality.

Mavado_the_Ninja_WarriorMovado — Mka_logo



Again, nothing changed from Deadly Alliance. While he skipped over Deception, he at least received a costume upgrade unlike a lot of Deadly Alliance characters. It was a complete overhaul to make him look like a knight/ninja/cowboy hybrid.